Here we go again: ANOTHER proposal to generate air pollution in the Meadowlands!
We stopped the North Bergen power plant ... now NJ Transit wants to threaten public health, safety, and the environment by building a fracked-gas power plant in Kearny.

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The problem:

A new fracked gas power plant has been proposed in Kearny to power NJ Transit trains. But what about the public health, environmental, and climate change impacts?

We don’t need another major polluter in our communities!

Governor Murphy has the power to stop this fracked gas power plant before it can be built. Let’s hold him accountable to his promise of a healthier, more prosperous New Jersey powered by 100% renewable energy.

Liberty Generating Plant

The Power Plant

The NJ TRANSITGRID Project is proposed for Kearny, NJ to provide backup power for NJ Transit. This power plant will burn fracked gas 24/7 for decades, emitting over 576,000 tons of greenhouse gases annually. #DONTGASTHEMEADOWLANDS

Ecosystems Damage

Constructing a massive power plant on a Superfund site in a flood zone, now protected by a cap covering toxic materials, risks disturbing the cap and allowing toxic materials to leach into the region's water.

A Clean Future

Instead of building a fossil-fuel power plant, we have the opportunity to build a state-of-the-art solar powered facility that would help NJ reach its transition goal of 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050.

A power plant to supply backup power is going to be built in a flood zone?

You can make a difference! Contact your local, regional, state, and federal representatives and tell them that you oppose the “NJ TRANSITGRID” Project, and you favor a renewable energy and battery storage alternative. Share information on social media, with your neighbors, and with your communities. Contact Governor Murphy at 877-814–5667 or here!

A new power plant in an area that already gets failing grades for high levels of smog?

Some of Our Supporters

Text “TRANSIT” to the number 69866; sign the petition online, or download petition here
(en español aquí)

Do you represent an organization that would like to sign on to a letter to Gov. Murphy and NJ Transit urging them to consider a better alternative than this fracked gas power plant?

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