Here is what some public officials are saying about the proposed North Bergen Meadowlands Power Plant:

Assemblyman Gordon Johnson and Senator Loretta Weinberg:

“New Jersey stands at a crossroads. As a state, we have committed to making our grid 100% renewable by 2050. We have agreed to reduce our carbon emissions under RGGI. Earlier this year, we joined the United States Climate Alliance, joining other states in their commitment to abide by the Paris Agreement.

“But we have a long history of missteps when it comes to our environment. Too often, we have chosen the side of the polluter under the belief that the jobs or investments will be worth it. Such short sightedness has, time and again, exacted a high toll on our water and air quality. We have a choice to make. We can choose the quick buck today and choke on unbreathable air for decades. Or, we can say ‘No, not this time!’”

“This power plant is bad for the Meadowlands, and a bad deal for New Jersey. Senator Weinberg and Assemblyman Johnson are with you: Let’s stop this now.”

Senator Weinberg added: “This plant is a boondoggle that will worsen our air quality and pollute the Meadowlands without providing any power to NJ residents.  I am glad so many towns have signed resolutions against this project.  There is no reason to build new fossil fuel plants in NJ — this plant is a step in the wrong direction.”

Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle:

“We need to put the needs of our environment and public health first. Unfortunately, this power plant could cause environmental damage, impacting our air, water, and ecosystems. So far, nine Bergen County towns have passed nearly identical resolutions opposing the power plant, I stand with them in opposition.”

Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez:

“The Meadowlands Power plant proposal is a direct threat to our public health, safety and environment, not just in Ridgefield but for the whole region.”

Glen Rock Mayor Bruce Packer

“It’s mind boggling that in the year 2018 we have to demand that we want something as fundamental as clean air.”

Woodcliff Lake Mayor Carlos Rendo

“The plant will only serve New York and will not benefit the residents of New Jersey. In addition, the environmental impact of the plant will be devastating on our air quality, our waterways, and on our wildlife. This bi-partisan group of Mayors will continue to fight together to stop this. The group called on Governor Murphy to sign a moratorium on fracking and on the building of the plant. We will continue to fight to make sure that the Garden State remains the Garden State and not the Nuclear State!”