LETTER: North Bergen Power Plant is ‘a terrible idea’ and ‘an insult to residents’ | Hudson County View (via Hudson County View)

In a letter to the editor, North Bergen resident Robert Walden says the electrical power plant coming the township is “a terrible idea” and “an insult to residents.”

Dear Editor,

The proposed North Bergen Power Plant is not only a terrible idea, it is an insult to NB residents because it is being shoved down our throats without any public meetings.

The power plant would be located on 94th St. and Railroad Ave.

It has been reported that it will create 33 permanent jobs and it will bring tax revenue in.

It has also been reported that even though it will produce cleaner energy than fossil fuel plants, it will nonetheless spew emissions that are dangerous to humans, wildlife and the environment.

One doesn’t need to live next door to it to suffer the consequences – it is close enough to residential areas.

It will be unsightly, it will likely lower home values.

Incredibly, the power it will generate will not be for NJ, it will be for NY!

Why can’t 15 acres be put to better use?

15 acres can be used to create many more than 33 permanent jobs, and it can bring in tax revenue, and benefit North Bergen and NJ residents, not just NY residents.

Don’t let NB officials “sell us down the river”!

Find out what you can do to stop this power plant from being built by emailing:

Robert Walden

North Bergen resident

Source: Hudson County View